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Welcome to the Roda

Your specialist in capoeira clothing and accessories for men, women and children! You are a fan of capoeira and want to show it to your friends and family? Roda Capoeira offers a wide range of items with modern design and impeccable quality. We wish you an excellent visit of our store of capoeira clothing and accessories with the effigy of our favorite passion!

Our new Roda Capoeira products:
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Oi, it’s the Mestre of Roda Capoeira

You found yourself on the roda-capoeira website and you ask who is behind this store?

My name is David, I’m a fan and I’ve been practicing capoeira for many years and I’ve always been looking for clothes to go to my trainings or even for the roda different from the official group outfits.

So I decided to launch roda-capoeira, the goal is to provide quality sportswear that is appreciated by the capoeira world.

I work every day on the store to add new products and new designs hoping you will like one.

If you have any question or better yet a suggestion for me to improve the store do not hesitate to contact me via the chat or the contact form.

See you soon 🙂